• A production company run by wild writing & producing partnership, Kendall James & Lily Drew

  • "We're the weird girls in school turned liberated women. We write fish out of water stories about the misunderstood misfits of the world coming into themselves and realizing their true potential"



    Our Story

    “We’re writing partners in crime who had our meet-cute in 2012, our freshman year at LMU film school. Fast forward four years later and we found our twenty-one-year-old, intern selves marching into the office of Sony Chairman at the time, Steve Mosko, wearing German Dirndls. Not because we were a slutty birthday gram, but because this was our first pitch meeting ever and we genuinely thought writers dressed up for pitch meetings. Fun fact: writers don't, they never have and never will, but we always have and we always will. This meeting really sealed the deal for us as writing partners and was the catalyst that propelled us into the journey that lead us to writing a plethora of scripts and starting our own production company. There were many trials and tribulations along the way, like the time we needed money so badly we responded to a Craigslist ad, which, through a series of eccentric events resulted in us meeting Nicolas Cage, which then turned into us writing a script with Nick based on his life. But here we are now, five years later, surrounded by an incredible team of people including Innovative Artists and our beloved agent, Jim Stein, with several TV and movie deals in the works."



  • Press

  • The Eskimo Sisters Productions Presents

    A Half Hour TV Comedy Pilot

    Log line: A group of broke social media influencers decide to pocket their brand funded travel money and fake their #sponsored world trip from inside an LA motel. Amidst fake posts, they find real friends, and realize love means more than likes.

    Love Not Likes Trailer

    Love Not Likes Deleted Scene

  • The Eskimo Sisters Calendar Shoot
    Styled by Alana Van Deraa
    Produced by Gillian Hormel

  • Sketch Comedy

    The Eskimo Sisters Productions

    PSA: Millennials in the Workplace

    "In the workplace entry level positions are considered especially heinous. Millennials are the most inclined to experience these positions. These are their stories."

    Our Indiegogo Campaign Video

    Watch this video to see a comedic portrayal of our story!

    Genny with a G's Bachelor Audition

    Watch Genny with a G, our lead character in Love Not Likes, audition for The Bachelor.

    Behind the Scenes with Genny with a G

    Genny with a G is back. This time go behind the scenes with Genny on set of Jocelyn Cooper's music video.


    Easter "Peep" Show

    Happy Easter from us to you! Enjoy our Peep show.

    Weed Confessions

    We realize we have no vice so we get high in order to be more like our other fav duo, Broad City.

    Tampon Anti-Commercial

    What if tampon commercials couldn't lie?

  • Check out our weekly Vlog where we'll show you what's going on behind the scenes with us and our various projects, starting with Love Not Likes. Subscribe to The Eskimo Sisters Productions for more!

    Faking It Til We Make It

    Episode One

    "The Recap"

    Watch the first episode of our vlog for a recap, and BTS on all we've been through up until this point!

    Episode Two


    We talk about all the struggles of trying to getting a top tier cast!

    Episode Three

    "The Many Hats We Wear"

    We take you inside of "The Editing Bay", "The Writers Room" and "The Producers Lounge", which is really just our hot tub, a coffee shop, and another coffee shop!

    Episode Four

    "Thirsty For Followers"

    We disclose the "thirstiest things" we've done for followers. We'll do pretty much anything for engagement, including faking an actual engagement!

    Episode Five

    "Networking & Meetings"

    We talk about the struggle of trying to maintain connections with the big dogs"of the industry. It's all about "the chase". Everything they told us not to do when comes to dating.

    Episode Six

    "Law School? What Like it's Hard?"

    We talk about the struggle of trying to write deal memos, contracts and other lawyerly things without having to pay a lawyer bc we're "like poor" 😂 Also @itsmesesame may be joining us on set and we couldn't be more stoked! #LegallyBlonde or #LilyandKendall?

    Episode Seven

    "Lily on Directing"

    Due to Lily's "collaborative" tendencies on set, we've decided that she'll be co-directing our pilot with our director, Brett.

    Episode Eight

    "Table Read"

    We show a little behind the scenes on our table read and introduce our cast and some of our crew members for #LoveNotLikes!

    Episode Nine

    "Directing #LoveNotLikes"

    In the midst of filming our pilot we realized Kendall also needed to hop on and direct this bad boy along side Lily and Brett!

    Episode Nine

    "Acting in #LoveNotLikes"

    You've see the ridiculous character, Genny with a G,before in our sketches, but you haven't seen the TV version of Genny. In this vlog we talk about the differences between sketch comedy characters and TV characters. We also explain the different roles Lily and Kendall play in #LoveNotLikes!

    Episode Ten

    "Building a Character's World"

    From having to use set design to turn the Wrigley Mansion into a strip club, to styling, to creating our own brand logo, to DM-ing hot blonde twins on Instagram, watch this episode of our vlog to hear all the insane things we did to build the made up world for our characters in #LoveNotLikes!

    Episode Eleven

    "Our Rough Cut of Love Not Likes"

    The first episode of our three part post production vlog series is finally up. In this episode we talk about editing and watching our very first rough cut of #LoveNotLikes.

    Episode Twelve

    "Cutting Love Not Likes Down"

    Episode two of our three part post production vlog series! In this episode we talk about the struggle of trying to cut Love Not Likes down to make it a more fluid piece, while also trying to work around not having a budget to shoot an insert shot we needed.

    Episode Thirteen

    "Sound and Finishing LNL"

    So we tried to add the awkward insert scene we shot in our last vlog. And we TOTALLY failed. Not having any more money for editors, we had to figure out how to salvage our already shot footage and fix that scene on our own. We also talk about what a HUGE DIFFERENCE having music and good sound makes. And best of all we FINALLY finished Love Not Likes and we're ready to pitch!

    Episode Fourteen

    " The Movie We Were In"

    Last minute we got thrown in a new movie with Pauly Shore, Bobby Lee, and some of our other favorite comedians. We were cast as "Hot Girl One and Two", but lord knows by the end of the shoot we had not only suggested all kinds of jokes, but also been told to email our scripts to everyone one set.

    Episode Fifteen

    "Weird Side Hustles We've Worked"

    What we haven’t gained in $$ we have certainly gained in stories. You can’t hustle for the dream without side hustles, so we decided to make a vlog about some of the weird ones we’ve worked. Think this also may be a pitch for its own TV series!

    Episode Sixteen

    "Bad Bitches, Good Pitches"

    It’s not about one "big break", it’s about all the little almosts it took to get there. It certainly has been a journey full of ups and downs, but we're finally making some serious progress! Stay tuned!

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